Upgrade with Purpose

Waters Technology Replacement Program

Update your LC System. Or upgrade the way you work.
The opportunity to make a real change in the way you do business doesn’t come often. Instead of just swapping out one instrument for another, now is the time to consider your costs, your efficiencies, your bottom line.

upgrade to Waters

Waters Technology Replacement Program*

  • Technology replacement incentives to apply toward newer, better technology such as Waters ACQUITY UPLC and Alliance HPLC Systems
  • Affordable - and smart - leasing and financing opportunities
  • Deferred payment programs
  • Options – such as locking in two years of service coverage at today’s pricing


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* offers valid in the U.S. and Canada only


Now is the time… Consider reaching your potential in laboratory productivity. Consider your manufacturing asset utilization. Consider the compliance challenges you face.

Now consider who you will partner with to meet the demands of your business.

Now is the time to step up to Waters.

When you upgrade performance, you’re not just upgrading your separations. You’re upgrading your entire business.
For over 50 years, Waters has moved an entire industry forward, working alongside business partners in advancing the capabilities of scientists worldwide. Waters understands the balance between your technology and your business, and takes great pride in delivering the highest quality of service and support over the entire course of your instrumentation.

And that’s not just good for your laboratory – that’s good for your customers. And that’s good for your bottom line.