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ACQUITY UPLC H-CLASS - Delivers the flexibility of quaternary solvent blending with the advanced performance expected of UPLC separations: high resolution, sensitivity and improved throughput.

ACQUITY UPLC I-CLASS - Dramatically decreased dispersion for the highest resolution, rapid injection cycles and sample throughput with reduced carryover, it's clearly the superior inlet to any mass spectrometer.

nanoACQUITY UPLC® System with HDX Technology -Identifies changes in protein conformation with confidence by stringently controlling temperature sensitive parts of the HDX sample work up.

PATROL UPLC® Laboratory Analyzer - Provides real-time quantitative analysis of chemical reactions in process development and optimization laboratories.


In 2004, ACQUITY UPLC® gave future-focused labs the highest level of chromatographic performance the world had ever seen. Then came a dramatically greater demand for better results in less time. And UPLC quickly went from leading-edge luxury to global necessity.

Today, Waters meets the ever-growing demand for higher levels of resolution and sensitivity with an ever-growing family of ACQUITY® Systems. That means for virtually any application, in every analytical lab, all over the world, there’s an ACQUITY System that’s right for you.

Introducing ACQUITY UPC2.
Your toughest separations. Now exponentially easier.

Building on legendary UPLC® performance, scientists can now handle the toughest lab separations routinely with ACQUITY UPC2™, the latest innovation to emerge from the versatile ACQUITY platform. It’s a ground-breaking way to finally prepare, analyze and understand compounds that are too complex for LC and GC technology. And it opens the door to a completely new category of separation science. Learn more.