CDS Workstation Trade-In Program

Trade in your workstation-based chromatography data system (from any vendor) for a networked Empower 3 system to increase software accessibility AND reduce cost of ownership

If you are managing—or plan to manage—multiple workstations to control your LC and GC instruments, now may be the time to consider moving to a networked operating environment with Empower 3 Chromatography Data Software. Now with a simplified structure, Empower 3 Workgroup allows up to 10 named users to access Empower-controlled instruments and data on as many PCs as your laboratory needs. This means no more bottlenecks at the keyboard or purchasing of process-only licenses.

Moving from workstation-based systems—regardless of vendor—to a network-based system can have a significant short- and long-term benefits for your laboratory:

  • Simplify data maintenance—Back up and archive data from a single database on the server rather than from multiple independent computers

  • Bring consistency to data processing and reporting by standardizing on one CDS—With the capability to control select LC, GC, and CE systems from vendors like Waters, Agilent, Shimadzu, Hitachi, and Beckman Coulter, your scientists can be trained on and use one platform for data processing and reporting

  • Save on service contracts—If you have 2 or more workstations, maintaining a service plan on one workgroup may provide significant cost savings

  • Save on future laboratory expansion—The software costs of bringing an additional system online in a workgroup environment is considerably less expensive than purchasing another CDS workstation

  • Increase compliance with electronic document and cGxP regulations and guidelines—The networked environment of an Empower 3 Workgroup assists in achieving the security and data integrity necessary for regulatory compliance

Contact your local account representative today or call 1-800-252-4752 x2065 to discuss your trade-in options (for ANY CDS workstations) and how moving to a networked environment could benefit your laboratory.






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