A new way to look at biomolecules
Waters’ bio-focused and integrated UPLC/MS system solutions deliver the performance you need to robustly characterize a therapeutic protein. And they deliver the confidence that you have the most comprehensive information necessary to make decisions about converting your scientific investment into a life-saving biotherapeutic. So you’ll truly know your potential for success.

Key technologies:

Key column technologies:

This is the first UPLC-enabled chromatography system built with a non-stainless-steel flow path, ideal for bioseparations. Featuring quaternary solvent management with AutoBlend Plus Technology, the system enables you to readily mix stock solutions to create optimal separations.
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The business of biopharmaceuticals
By 2014, five of the top five – and 50% of the top 100 – best-selling branded drugs w ill be proteins. Is your organization positioned to be one of the biopharmaceutical leaders?
How Waters makes a difference

Confidence in your investment.
No compromises in your laboratory.

LC and MS provide the detailed data for structural characterization of complex macromolecules that make up protein-based therapeutics – but ordinary LC and MS instruments won’t get you to insights as effectively or as efficiently.
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Applications are our specialty
Waters scientists have published nearly 150 applications and peer-reviewed articles on characterization techniques using UPLC/MS - technologies that all of the leading life sciences companies are adopting.
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