Xevo™ G2 QTof

Access QuanTof technology - the world's most advanced oa-Tof technology - at your benchtop. The Xevo® G2 QTof provides the highest quality quantitative and qualitative information so that you can make decisions better, faster, and easier.

  • QuanTof technology - for the most sensitive, exact mass, quantitative and qualitative benchtop MS/MS system
  • UPLC®/MSE - a simple, patented method of unbiased data acquisition that comprehensively catalogs complex samples in a single analysis
  • UPLC/FastDDA – Rapid automated, intelligent MS/MS data acquisition for targeted qualitative analyses
  • Universal Ion Source Architecture – The most extensive range of interface capabilities to service the broadest range of applications, including atmospheric pressure GC and atmospheric solids analysis probe
  • System Solutions – Complete system solutions backed by superior support to ensure your success in biopharmaceutical characterization, metabolite profiling, forensic toxicology, food or environmental analysis, chemical industry research or proteomics studies