Take a closer look at the technology that makes it all possible. 

Scientists are always looking for smarter ways to bring novel ideas to life. They’ve turned to Waters to get better results than they’ve been able to get from HPLC and HPLC/MS. Flatter baselines. Sharper peaks. Shorter retention times.

With the ACQUITY UPLC® System, they’re not seeing just analytical benefits, either. They’re also gaining significant operational efficiencies. Increasing laboratory productivity. Decreasing operational costs. Facilitating faster product development. Transforming both science and business.

UPLC is Inspiring the Scientific Community

ACQUITY UPLC’s appeal extends beyond the bottom line. For scientists who are working to making a true difference in their field, UPLC is a passion. From pesticides and waste water to immunosuppresants. Steroids, metabolites, and natural extracts. And beyond. You name it, ACQUITY UPLC scientists have analyzed it. And they have written about it.

You’ve seen what ACQUITY UPLC has done for science and business.
Now learn how it can work for you.

With UPLC, the numbers speak for themselves. More information on UPLC




A Quick Story about the Bottom Line

Organizations just like yours are quantifying ACQUITY UPLC successes in both their laboratory notebooks and their financial spreadsheets. Read these case studies to learn how they:

  • Dramatically reduce laboratory downtime
  • Cut solvent consumption by 85%
  • Increase speed of analysis by five times
  • Triple laboratory output
  • Drive major new breakthroughs in discovery