XEVO TQ-S Qualification Standards KIT [700005472]


Hazardous Material

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XEVO TQ-S Qualification Standards KIT Mass Spectrometry (Xevo TQ-S) standards kit for system assessment.
11 Components:
1. 1 x 25mL Xevo TQ-S Tuning Solution X100: Acetominophen (4-Acetamidophenol) 2 ng/ul Caffeine, 2 ng/ul, Sulfadimethoxine, 1 ng/ul, Verapamil, 500 pg/ul, Chloramphenicol, 500 pg/ul, 17-A-Hydroxyprogesterone, 50 ng/ul, 90% MeOH:10% Water Flame Sealed Ampule
2. 1 x 30mL Set-up solution Xevo TQ-S: PPG1000 250 pg/ul, Triacetyl-B-cyclodextrin 500 pg/ul, Verapmil 10 pg/ul, Leucine Enkaphalin 100 pg/ul, Ammonium Acetate 0.31 mg/ml, Acetonitrile/Water (1:1 V/V) Clear Nalgene Bottle
3. 1 x 30mL Intellistart Resolution Solution X20: Sodium Iodide 2 µg/ul Cesium Iodide 50 ng/ul, Methyl Sulfate Sodium Salt 20 ng/µl, in IPA/Water (1:1 V/V) Clear Nalgene Bottle
4. 1 x 30mLCalibration Solution: Ortho-Phosphoric Acid 0.1% Acetonitrile/Water (1:1 V/V) Clear Nalgene Bottle
5. 1 x 10 mg Ion Sabre APCI Pos Sensitivity: 17-alphahydroxyprogesterone 10 mg Solid 4 ml Amber Screw Top Vial
6. 1 x 50 mg ESI Negative Sensitivity: Chloramphenicol Solid 50 mg 8 ml Amber Screw Top Vial
7. 1 x 5mg ESI Positive Sensitivity: Reserpine solid 5 mg 4 ml Amber Screw Top Vial
8. 1 x 5mg CarryOver Test QWB: Sulfadimethoxine Solid 5mg 4 ml Amber Screw Top Vial
9. 1 x 0.1mg* [Glu1]-Fibrinopeptide B ScanWave Optimization: 0.1 mg ±0.01 mg 4 mL Amber Screw top Vial
10. 1 x 3mL Mobile phase additive: Aqueous Ammonia Specific Gravity - 0.88 to 0.89 (~30% w/w ammonia) Flame sealed ampule
11. 2 x 1mLMobile phase Additive: Formic Acid 98-100% Purity Flame sealed ampule 1 X 715002796 Solution Prep – Xevo TQ-s Document
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Product Number: 700005472

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