GlycoWorks Reductive Amination High-throughput Sample Preparation Kit [176003090]

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GlycoWorks Reductive Amination High-throughput Sample Preparation Kit Waters new GlycoWorks Glycan Sample Preparation Kits were developed and rigorously tested to synergistically work with our existing ACQUITY UPLC Glycan Application Solution for the generation of high quality data from the analyses or pre-column derivatized, labeled glycans. A key component of this offering involves the use of Waters HILIC Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) material for the separation of released glycans from the protein and for the subsequent separation of the labeled glycans from the free excess label. This kit includes a 96-well plate and is configured for high throughput applications. In addition to the GlycoWorks HILIC SPE sorbent and tested and robust kit protocols, each kit contains the following components: · 1 mg vial of RapiGest SF to assist in protein deglycosylation · 1 vial of the GlycoWorks Control Standard use to confirm correct protocol performance · GlycoWorks Reagent Kit

Product Number: 176003090

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