AccQ-Tag Ultra Chemistry Kit [176001235]

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AccQ-Tag Ultra Chemistry Kit Amino Acid Analysis (AAA) is required for many applications.
Refill Package. The refill Kit is intended to recharge the AccQTag Ultra chemistries that are a part of the Application Add on kit. This kit should not be purchased as part of an initial system.
Includes AccQTag Ultra Deriviativation Kit 250 analyses 186003836,
AccQTag Ultra Column 2.1 X 100mm 186003837,
AccQTag Eluent A Concentrate (950mL) 186003838,
AccQTag Ultra Eluent B (950mL) 186003839,
Sample Tubes, 4 X 72pkg WAT007571,
Amino Acid Standard, Hydrolyste, 10 X 1mL ampules WAT088122,
Tota Recovery Vials, 3 X 100 vial/pkg 186000384C

Product Number: 176001235

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