Torus DEA Column, 130Å, 1.7 µm, 2.1 mm X 75 mm, 1/pkg [186007615]

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Torus  DEA  Column, 130Å, 1.7 µm, 2.1 mm X 75 mm, 1/pkg ACQUITY UPC2 Torus Columns are specifically designed to use the complete range of capabilities of the ACQUITY UPC2 System to achieve fast, robust achiral separations. ACQUITY UPC2 Torus Columns simplify the method development process with four completely new and innovative 1.7 ?m chemistries for convergence chromatography. These columns are designed for excellent peak shape that eliminate or reduce the need for additives, and offer added selectivity for a wide range of compounds and improved robustness.

Product Number: 186007615

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