Neutrals QC Reference Material [186006360]


Hazardous Material

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Neutrals QC Reference Material The Neutrals QC Reference Material is designed for use with any chromatographic systems containing a UV detector. It is intended to be used as a system benchmarking standard. The mix contains only neutral compounds. When used consistently and control charted, the QC Reference Material will provide confidence in your results, reduce troubleshooting and re-run time, and enable cross-laboratory result comparisons. This reference material is adaptable to a wide variety of separation methods. 

Kit Contents:
One ampule with 10 ?L/mL acetone, 0.25 mg/ mL naphthalene, and 0.4 mg/ mL acenaphthene in 50/50 acetonitrile/water, 2 mL

Product Number: 186006360

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