HIC Protein Standard Mix [186007953]

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HIC Protein Standard Mix The HIC Protein Standard Mix is used to benchmark HIC columns, especially the Waters Protein-Pak Hi Res HIC Columns. It is recommended that this standard be used on a regular basis for evaluation of column and system performance ensuring confidence in results. It is also very valuable for method development and troubleshooting. This standard is uniquely formulated and optimized with a 6-component intact protein mixture to span a typical chromotographic range in this application. It contains 0.05 mg Ribonuclease A, 0.025 mg Cytochrome C, 0.05 mg Myoglobin, 0.03 mg Lysozyme, 0.1 mg Yeast Enolase and 0.05 mg of alpha-cymotrypsinogen A. It is packaged in a Waters TruView vial (ideal for peptides) as a lyophilized solid. Recommended solubilization is in 100 µl of distilled, purified Water or 50/50 mix of Mobile Phase A and B (low salt, pH 6.9). Store at -20 ?C immediately upon arrival.

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