UPC2 QC Reference Material [186007950]


Hazardous Material

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UPC2 QC Reference Material The UPC2 QC Reference Material provides convergence chromatographic performance information for both chiral and achiral modes. It is designed for use with both ACQUITY UPC2 Trefoil and Torus Columns. This four compound mixture was optimized with the following key chromatographic performance factors in mind:

  - Compounds are well separated and cover a wide chromatographic elution range
- Contains a chiral compound to test chiral separation power
- Contains an ionizable compound, to test mass spectrometer performance
- All four compounds are compatible with UV detection

  The UPC2 QC Reference Material is a mixture of:

- 0.50 mg/mL  (+/-) trans-Stilbene oxide
- 0.50 mg/mL  Thymine  
- 0.50 mg/mL  Sulfamethoxazole 
- 0.50 mg/mL Sulfamethizole 

  In a 1 mL solution of 75:25 ACN:MeOH    

Product Number: 186007950

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