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Orthogonal Chromatographic Techniques for the Quantitative Analysis of Potential Mutagenic Impuritie...
Bibliotheks-Nummer: PODC134950052 | Format: PDF | File-Größe: 1002.09 kB | Jahr: 2017 | Inhalt: Podcasts

How the use of convergence chromatography enables the quantitation of highly polar impurities at the very low levels required by regulatory agencies.

FDA Issues New Guidance on LC/GC Data; Clarifies Part 11
Bibliotheks-Nummer: PODC134688778 | Format: Postleitzahl | File-Größe: 2789.53 kB | Jahr: 2012 | Inhalt: Podcasts

Waters experts provide a summary of the new guidance and discuss its implementation within laboratory organizations.

211.68(a) What is it? Why is it important? How does it apply to my Chromatography Data System?
Bibliotheks-Nummer: PODC134688782 | Format: Postleitzahl | File-Größe: 2933.59 kB | Jahr: 2012 | Inhalt: Podcasts

The number of US FDA observations citing 21CFR 211.68(a) has increased by over thirty percent in recent years. This podcast discusses why this may be and frames the requirements of this part in the context of computers within a Chromatography Data System.

Xevo G2 QTof: Answering the Quan/Qual Question, Comprehensively
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This series of podcasts will address how the Xevo G2 QTof can deliver the results needed, with particular focus on non-targeted screening of food and environmental samples and also Proteomics Research.

Xevo TQ-S: An introduction to the new, highly sensitive Mass Spectrometer
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This series of podcasts will address the benefits of Xevo TQ-S and will show how this instrument can deliver the results needed.

What is sub-2 micron column chemistry and why is it important to chromatography today?
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In this podcast, we’ll discuss in detail why sub-2 µm chemistries and systems designed to exploit them are playing an increasingly important role in modern chromatography.

Tips and tricks for UPLC: Avoiding carryover and practical advice for success
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This episode will give an opportunity to address how ACQUITY UPLC systems can best be exploited by discussing some key areas where users often need assistance, and applying this knowledge when learning about this technology.

Making Inroads in Method Development and Routine Analysis with UPLC Technology
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This podcast discusses benefits of UPLC separations technology and how to adopt it for instant chromatographic success

Seamless Method Transfer with the ACQUITY UPLC H-Class System
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Learn how to run existing HPLC methods on a forward-looking LC platform that allows seamless transition to UPLC separations when you’re ready. Hosted by LCGC.