Determination of Anionic Polar Pesticides in Spinach Using a Novel Application of Torus DEA Column Chemistry by UPLC-MS/MS

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Benjamin Wuyts, Euan Ross, and Simon Hird
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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In this application note we report a validated UPLC-MS/MS method based upon the Quick Polar Pesticides Method (QuPPE) and the novel use the Torus DEA Column (p/n 186007616en) for the cost-effective determination of a range of polar and their metabolites in spinach.

The use of the Torus DEA Column represents a robust, cost-effective solution, providing excellent chromatographic performance for a wide range of anionic polar pesticides and metabolites. This is achieved in a single analysis, without being required to use derivatization, specialized equipment, or atypical mobile phases. This method can be easily implemented in routine testing laboratories as it is compatible with existing conventional HPLC and UPLC instrumentation. It has been demonstrated as suitable for checking compliance with EU MRLs and has the potential for screening at much lower concentrations, for example for food business operators’ due diligence testing.

Further details can be accessed in the method Start-up Guide.


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