Demonstrating the Applicability of DESI Imaging Coupled with Ion Mobility for Mapping Cosmetic Ingredients on Tape Stripped Skin Samples

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Eleanor Riches, Philippa J. Hart, Emmanuelle Claude, Malcolm R. Clench
Waters and Sheffield Hallam University
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Cosmetics and Personal Care (CPC) has become a multi-billion dollar industry. To ensure the safety and efficacy of their products, CPC manufacturers carry out increasingly sophisticated analyses of their products. In particular, the ability of key cosmetic ingredients to permeate the skin’s surface is of specific interest.

Tape stripping of the stratum corneum is a well accepted method by which the penetration of surface applied dermal preparations can be assessed. The analysis of successively stripped layers of skin, post application of a cosmetic formulation, reveals information about the penetration of ingredients into the skin.

In this poster note, we evaluate the applicability of DESI coupled with ion mobility MS for the analysis of ingredients in cosmetic creams applied to the skin.

  • DESI-IM-MS was used for the analysis of tape stripped skin samples.
  • Different types of cosmetic creams were applied to the forearms of volunteers.
  • Data were compared in HDMS™ Compare software and visualized in High Definition Imaging (HDI) Software.
  • Key differences between samples were observed.
  • Species belonging to different cosmetics and to skin were observed.

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