Quantification of Rituximab in Plasma Using an Automated and Standardized Kit-Based Approach

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Mary Lame, Paula Orens, and Steven Calciano
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Application Notes
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Protein Quantification

This application note describes the fast, sensitive quantification of rituximab from plasma using ProteinWorks Auto-eXpress Digest and SPE Sample Preparation Kits with automated sample preparation performed on the Hamilton Microlab STAR liquid handler.

The ProteinWorks Auto-eXpress Digest and SPE Kits with automated sample preparation using the Hamilton Microlab® STAR™ liquid handler was successfully used to quantify rituximab from a typical set of standard curve and QC samples in rat plasma. Limits of quantification of <0.1 μg/mL was readily achieved, while maintaining excellent linearity and precision. The total sample prep time including digestion and SPE was under 8 hours. This automated and standardized, kit-based approach enables inexperienced users to immediately obtain meaningful data in discovery studies in order to make time sensitive and critical project decisions.

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