USP Method Modernization for Lidocaine Formulations Using XBridge Columns and Different LC Systems

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Jyotsna Sehajpal, Jacob Fairchild, and Thomas Swann
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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In this application note, USP methods from different lidocaine formulations were modernized by switching from older Atlantis dC18 and XTerra C18 Columns to contemporary XBridge BEH C18 Columns.

Improved method speed and resolution originated from both the change in particle and the change in particle size. Running the modernized methods on four LC instruments from three different vendors afforded comparable excellent separations regardless of the system used. This demonstrates the ability to achieve quicker analytical answers and higher sample throughput with such modern robust columns when moving from 5 μm to 3.5 μm to 2.5 μm particles on various manufacturers’ LC instruments.

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