Development of Simple, Fast SPE Protocols for Basic Analyte Extraction with Phospholipid Removal Using Oasis PRiME MCX

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Bonnie A. Alden, Kenneth Berthelette, Jon Finch, Donna Osterman, Thomas Swann, and Thomas H. Walter
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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This application note highlights improved SPE methods for extracting basic analytes from blood plasma using Oasis PRiME MCX sample preparation products.

The new Oasis PRiME MCX Protocols give greatly reduced concentrations of phospholipids compared to the Oasis MCX 2 x 4 Protocol 1, while maintaining high and reproducible recoveries for analytes with pKa values greater than 5. The lower phospholipid concentrations obtained with these new protocols are expected to result in reduced matrix effects in LC-MS applications, as well as less frequent issues with fouling of columns and LC-MS systems.

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