Highly Improved Electrospray Ionization-Mass Spectrometry Detection of G-Quadruplex-Folded Oligonucleotides and Their Complexes with Small Molecules

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Matteo Scalabrin, Manlio Palumbo, and Sara N. Richter
Analytical Chemistry
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Journal Citations
2017   Volume:   89 (17)   Page(s):   8632-8637
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G-quadruplexes are nucleic acids structures stabilized by physiological concentration of potassium ions. Because low stability G-quadruplexes are hardly detectable by mass spectrometry, we optimized solvent conditions: isopropanol in a triethylamine/hexafluoroisopropanol mixture highly increased G-quadruplex sensitivity with no modification of the physiological G-quadruplex conformation. G-quadruplexes/G-quadruplex-ligand complexes were also correctly detected at concentration as low as 40 nM. Detection of the physiological conformation of G4s and their complexes opens up the possibility to perform high-throughput screening of G-quadruplex ligands for the development of drug molecules effective against critical human diseases.

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