MRC-NIHR National Phenome Centre and Waters Partnership Establishes a Powerful New Approach to Stratified Medicine

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Case Studies

In this case study, learn how a collaboration between the UK's National Phenome Centre (NPC), located at Imperial College London, and Waters has played a key role in developing applications using robust, high-throughput UPLC-MS technology for large scale metabolic profiling and molecular phenotyping.

"I believe our achievements so far are considerable. Standardized high-throughput methodology with unprecedented reproducibility at scale has generated some very large datasets, which have already produced new insights into what were considered to be well-characterized diseases. But we are still just at the beginning, and I see our work and the partnership with Waters adding value long into the guture. moving from data to clinically actionable information remains the ultimate goal, and a new focus on real-time data processing as well as harmonization across studies – and between the growing international network of phenome centres – will, I believe, rapidly accelerate the advance and value of metabolic profiling in healthcare," comments Dr. Matthew Lewis, COO, MRC-NIHR National Phenome Centre.

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