Analysis of Antidiabetic Drug Canagliflozin and Related Isomeric Impurities Using the ACQUITY UPC2 System for Method Screening and Scale Up to Prep SFC System

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Arghya Acharjee, Dilshad Pullancheri, Bronsky Gopinadh, Anil Kurup, Dr. Padmakar Wagh, Dr. D. Vijaya. Bharathi, Dr. Hemanth Kumar Sharma, and Saravana Kumar Meganathan
Waters, Aurobindo Pharma Ltd (APLRC-II)
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Application Notes
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This application note demonstrates the separation of Canagliflozin and its isomeric impurities from its other impurities.

ACQUITY UPC2 technology enabled rapid and faster separation of isomeric impurities of Canagliflozin with a short run time of 11 minutes when compared to longer reverse phase chromatography of 65 minutes. The method provides excellent selectivity for the targeted impurity peaks, separation, and fast turnaround time with much lesser consumption of solvent system when compared to conventional normal or reserve phase methods. The ACQUITY UPC2 method can potentially be used for the chiral analysis of Canagliflozin and its isomeric impurities during product development stage and can be used as a tool for faster screening of method that will serve the purpose of easy scale up to Prep system for isolation and collection of complex isomeric entities.

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