Analysis of Vitamin D and Previtamin D in Foods

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Jinchuan Yang, Gareth Cleland, Kari Organtini
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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revised the food labeling regulations in 2016, to make the vitamin D content a required item on the nutrition or supplement facts labels for conventional food and dietary supplements. The change in labeling regulation is aimed to promote vitamin D awareness among consumers.

Recently, a new AOAC standard method which uses a derivatization reaction (PTAD) in the sample prep and a mass spectrometry in quantitation is available. This new method has provided much better analytical performance for vitamin D analysis than previous methods. However, previtamin D is not measured in this new standard.

Previtamin D is bioactive, and it is known that Vitamin D can thermally isomerize to Previtamin D. It has been reported that the relative content of previtamin D could be up to 22% of the total vitamin D at 80oC. Therefore, it is prudent to count previtamin D content in the analysis of vitamin D in foods.

This work proposes a new method in the determination of total vitamin D by individually measuring the vitamin D and previtamin D in food products.

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