Improved Performance of Waters Alliance HPLC System for System Suitability Results of Area RSD for Eight Challenging Pharmacopoeial and Non-Pharmacopoeial Assay Methods

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Dilshad Pullancheri, Chirag Dholakiya, and Dr. Padmakar Wagh
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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This application note demonstrates the improved performance of Alliance HPLC System with appropriate syringe, sample vials, reservoir caps, and recommended method settings for meeting the relative standard deviation system suitability requirements of the selected eight molecules.

The acquired data of each method was processed with a single processing method and the generated results were compiled. The relative standard deviation values of area for all of the eight methods were found to be well within the specified limit of system suitability test for respective method.

The Alliance HPLC System with 100 μL syringe and method specific precaution can be used for routine quality control analysis of the selected eight methods. Improved performance of the Alliance HPLC System demonstrated the system capability to address the system suitability criteria of area precision for eight challenging pharmacopoeial and non-pharmacopoeial assay methods.

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