An Example of a Particle Selectivity Difference between CORTECS C8 and BEH C8 Columns

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Jennifer M. Nguyen and Thomas Swann
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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This application note describes rapid separation of samples containing structurally similar compounds.

Structurally similar compounds can be difficult to separate, making the development of rapid chromatographic methods for them very challenging. Changing the column stationary phase is one important tool to provide increased resolution. Using smaller and/or solid-core particles can improve efficiency. However, another source of increased resolution can be selectivity differences inherent in the stationary phase. While it is most common to vary the bonded phase chemistry, selectivity differences may also be achieved by varying the base particles. This application shows an example of this effect by comparing the separation of seven structurally similar catechins on an XBridge BEH C8 XP Column, based on fully-porous hybrid particles, and a CORTECS C8 Column, based on solid-core silica particles.

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