WEBINAR: Empower and Ion Chromatography-Essential Tools for Drug Discovery

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Neil Lander, Thomas Zarella
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On Demand Webinar
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Chromatography Tips and Techniques
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Event Overview

Ion chromatography (IC) is a versatile technique often used for analyzing trace impurities in pharmaceutical products. Its flexibility allows it to distinguish, quantify and detect ions in highly diverse or dilute sample matrices.

Metrohm ICs now integrate with Waters’ Empower software, the gold standard for chromatography data software (CDS) in regulated pharmaceutical and biotech laboratories. This integration simplifies the validation process, minimizes training needs for those labs, and requires only minimal changes to institutional SOPs and workflows.

Attend this webcast to hear Neil Lander, Principal Product Manager of Informatics Marketing at Waters Corporation present an overview of Empower’s design that makes this software so useful for pharmaceutical labs. Tom Zarella of Metrohm will then discuss the specific advantages of ion chromatography for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

About the Speakers


Neil J. Lander
Principal Product Manager, Informatics Marketing
Waters Corporation


Neil Lander has worked for Waters Corporation since 1994 and has held a variety of positions including Technical Support Specialist, Technical Trainer, Manager Customer Education and currently, Principal Product Manager in the Informatics group. Neil provides internal support for Empower CDS software and is focused on developing laboratory software solutions that help organizations achieve their scientific and operational objectives. Prior to joining Waters Corporation Neil was an analytical chemist where he gained experience in both the cosmetics and specialty chemical industries.

Thomas F. Zarella
Ion Chromatography Product Manager
Metrohm USA


Tom Zarella is the current Product Manager for Ion Chromatography at Metrohm USA. Tom began his career in the lab as a biochemist working on researching and developing cancer detection kits. Over the last several years, he has had roles and responsibilities in product development, business development, and international marketing. His background spans several industries (both at and away from the lab bench); including medical devices, pharmaceutical, life sciences, applied chemical and chemical manufacturing markets. Tom enjoys working with globally minded organizations and with diverse, collaborative teams.