A High Performance Oa-Tof Mass Spectrometer for Accurate Mass Measurement of Mobility Separated Ions

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Jakub Ujma, Jason Wildgoose, Martin R. Green, Kevin Giles, Nick Tomczyk
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The benefits of coupling Ion Mobility (IM) separation devices to ToF-MS are well established with instruments utilising these technologies now commercially available. The strength of ToF mass analysers in these geometries is their inherent speed, allowing multiple complete mass spectra to be acquired across ion mobility peaks. Whilst the separation timescales of ToF-MS are well suited to IMS, significant challenges exist in conditioning the ion beam for optimum ToF performance whilst maintaining the fidelity of the IM separation. In addition the temporal concentrating effects of IM raise significant challenges for the acquisition system. Here, we present a novel combination of beam conditioning ion optics, ToF geometry and acquisition system that alleviates these issues.

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