Metabolomic Workflow Utilizing Rapid Microbore Metabolic Processing (RAMMP) in Conjunction with SONAR

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Lee A. Gethings, Christopher J. Hughes, Keith Richardson, Jason Wildgoose, Johannes P.C. Vissers, Robert S. Plumb, and James I. Langridge
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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This application note demonstrates improvements to the metabolic profiling workflow by coupling RAMMP with a novel DIA method (SONAR), providing highly specific and unbiased two-dimensional metabolomic data.

Application Benefits

  • SONAR™ DIA is utilized with a rapid metabolic processing workflow (within 3 minute gradients)
  • The fast scanning capabilities of SONAR demonstrates quantitative precision for high throughput, large cohort experiments
  • Optimization of the quadrupole isolation window provides improved specificity
  • Rapid metabolomic analysis of urine from a pregnant cohort over three trimesters shows applicability of the method with clear differentiation of each trimester

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