Procurement Strategies for Managing Technologies

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Bob Burgoyne, Director, Life Science Field Marketing
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Waters Corporation values and appreciates the important role academia plays in educating the next generation of scientists and leading research into some of the most complex challenges of our time.  We understand that the technical foundations laid in colleges and universities underpin future scientific advancement in industry and enable paradigm-changing research programs in medicine and healthcare, the environment, food security, forensics, materials science, energy, etc.  To be successful, professors often require access to next generation technologies, a difficult task due to the challenge of acquiring research grants. 

Waters Academic Program may contribute to the foundation of a customer's laboratory.  It has been designed to assist in acquiring enabling technologies and support from the leader of analytical sciences through:

  • Extending the purchasing power of research grants up to 30% on eligible instrument purchases
  • Supports the option to lock in 2 years of service coverage at today's price
  • Combining with Waters Lease Protection Plans to keep your laboratory's technologies current
  • Providing opportunities to publicize a laboratory's accomplishments

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