Automated Protein Modification Characterization of the Intact and Subunit NIST Monoclonal Antibody Reference Standard with Waters UNIFI Scientific Information System

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Nilini Ranbaduge, Henry Shion, and Ying Qing Yu
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This study demonstrates the use of UNIFI Scientific Information System for mAb modification analysis using the NIST mAb Reference Material (RM 8671) as a relevant test case.

The high-resolution instrument used for this application was a Vion IMS QTof mass spectrometer equipped with a new detector (QuanTof2™) for enhanced sensitivity and dynamic range, and more efficient vacuum pumps. The data acquisition, data processing, and reporting is completely controlled by UNIFI, a compliant-ready, workflow-driven software package which enables the UNIFI/Vion system to offer an end-to-end platform probing a variety of modifications of the mAbs with high confidence.

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