High-Throughput, Automated Protein A Purification Platform with Multiattribute LC−MS Analysis for Advanced Cell Culture Process Monitoring

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Jia Dong, Nicole Migliore, Steven J Mehrman, John Cunningham, Michael J lewis and Ping Hu
Analytical Chemistry
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Journal Citations
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The levels of many product related variants observed during the production of monoclonal antibodies are
dependent on control of the manufacturing process, especially the cell culture process. However, it is difficult to characterize samples pulled from the bioreactor due to the low levels of product during the early stages of the process and the high levels of interfering reagents. Furthermore, analytical results are often not available for several days, which slows the process development cycle and prevents “real time” adjustments to the manufacturing process. To reduce the delay and enhance our ability to achieve quality targets, we have developed a low-volume, high-throughput, and high-content analytical platform for at-line product quality analysis. This workflow includes an automated, 96-well plate protein A purification step to isolate antibody product from the cell culture fermentation broth, followed by rapid, multiattribute LC−MS analysis. We have demonstrated quantitative correlations between particular process parameters with the levels of glycosylated and glycated species in a series of small scale experiments, but the platform could be used to monitor other attributes and applied across the biopharmaceutical industry.

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