Employing UPLC-UV-ToF MSE and the UNIFI Scientific Information System for the Analysis of the Forced Degradation of Glipizide

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Jayne Kirk, Russell Mortishire-Smith, Yun Alelyunas, Jeff Robitaille, Jim Henriksen, Jeff Goshawk and Mark Wrona
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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Xevo G2-XS QTof Unifi Application Solutions and Platform Solutions

In this application note, glipizide was subjected to accelerated stress conditions to generate degradation products. The resulting impurities were identified, interrogated and visualised using the UNIFI Scientific Information System.

Forced degradation and impurity identification of glipizide was successfully characterized utilizing UPLC with PDA and HRMS detection on the UNIFI Scientific Information System platform. The ability to acquire accurate MSE data within one injection allowed glipizide and its impurities to be rapidly identified and comprehensively confirmed. UNIFI enabled the use of custom calculations, incorporation of UV (and analogue) traces as well as trend plots to easy visualize and interpret their relationship and stabilities.

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