High Definition Proteomics Applications Notebook

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Protein Quantification
Protein Quantification

Waters High Definition (HD) Proteomics Strategies apply highly innovative technologies to comprehensively characterize the proteome.

Proteomics today involves more than just identifying and quantifying proteins. To fully understand cellular responses to genetic or environmental stimuli we strive for a high definition quantitative comparison of two or more cellular states. Our visualization of proteins routinely includes characterization of post-translational modifications, protein isoforms, protein sub-cellular localization, protein turnover/synthesis, protein structure/folding, protein interactions, protein complex formation and stoichiometry.

Waters’ patented innovations in UltraPerformance LC (UPLC), Ion Mobility Separation (IMS), and High Definition Mass Spectrometry (HDMS) provide uniquely powerful tools to characterize peptides, proteins, and protein complexes. In this compilation, we highlight how Waters HD Proteomics Strategies are applied in five key areas of protein analysis.

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