Comparison of Pyrolysis behavior between Block and Random Copolymer with Py-GC/APGC-QTof MS and multivariate data analysis

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Tatsuya Ezaki
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Other Symposium
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Pyrolysis-Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (Py-GC/MS) is one of major analytical techniques for chemical structural elucidation of polymers. It is identification of the gas (pyrolysis gas) generated at almost the same time that several 10 micrograms of plastic pieces are fed into the furnace heated to 600°C under inert gas and the overall chemical structure of polymer can be estimated. It is also used for identification polymer additives in plastics, quality control marker (QC-marker) analysis, especially research the cause of yellow discoloration. Recently, polymer synthesis chemists have great interest for the application on QC-marker analysis of functional polymers such as photo-resists and color-resists related to semiconductor and display manufacturing.

GC/Electron Ionization (EI)-Quadrupole-MS has been often used as Py-GC-MS and the ionization technique. But the total ion chromatogram (TIC) is extremely complex with increasing the monomer dimension number on co-polymer, for various pyrolysis gas are formed on pyrolysis process and fragment ions are produced on ionization. TIC can be improved simple with APGC ionization developed as high sensitivity and soft ionization to observe molecular ion without fragmentation. On multivariate analysis of APGC MS data, it is drastically reduced when carry out peak deconvolution. QTof MS combined with APGC ionization source can be obtained MS and MS/MS spectrum of each peak at same time, elemental composition needed on chemical structural elucidation is achieved from exact mass of molecular and fragment ion on their spectrum. On this time, pyrolysis behavior between acrylic acid -styrene block and random copolymer is compared with Py-GC/ APGC-QTof MS and all markers on each copolymer can be extracted by multivariate data analysis.

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