Evaluation of Ion Mobility/Tof Mass Spectrometry with Multiple LC Method Parameters for Enhanced Detection in Metabolic Profiling

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Paul D. Rainville, Ian D. Wilson, and Robert S. Plumb
Waters, Imperial College
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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Metabolic Phenotyping

This application note investigates the metabotyping of human urine by integrating IMS with gradient reversed-phase UPLC as a means of enhancing “peak recovery”.

The incorporation of ion mobility as a separation modality between LC separations and MS detection significantly increases the number of features detected in metabolic phenotyping.

The reason(s) for the observed increase in feature detection warrants further investigation but is most likely due to a combination of the separation of co-eluting compounds, noise reduction, resolution of isobaric components and separation of fragment ions. Therefore the incorporation of IMS with shorter LC gradient times may provide a means for the rapid profiling of large sample cohorts on metabonomics studies.


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