Streamlining Analysis of Impurities in the Pharmaceutical Products using Empower 3 ICH Impurity Processing

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Margaret Maziarz, Mark Wrona, Paul Rainville, Mia Summers, and Jade Byrd
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This technology brief demonstrates the use of Empower 3 ICH Impurity Processing for streamlining the analysis of impurities of Ziprasidone HCl by defining allowable threshold limits and quickly identifying results above the limits.

Utilizing the Empower 3 ICH Impurity Processing enables users to define allowable threshold limits for impurities and quickly identify whether results are within these limits. The threshold limits defined by the user are clearly displayed by Empower during data review or in a report. This reduces the time and potential errors associated with manual verification and enhances the confidence that any results above the threshold limits are quickly identified.

Overall, Empower 3 ICH Impurity Processing is a powerful (yet simple) tool that can be utilized by any laboratory to monitor levels of impurities during formulation or release testing of the pharmaceutical products and streamline their quantitative analysis protocols.

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