Protecting the Food Supply: Rapid, Specific Analysis of Melamine and Cyanuric Acid in Infant Formula by LC /MS/MS

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Jeremy Shia and Diane Diehl
Waters Corporation
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
10093887 ACQUITY UPLC HILIC BEH 1.7 µm 2.1 x 100 10093888 Atlantis HILIC Silica 3 µm 2.1 x 150
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Numerous incidences of kidney stones and renal failure in infants have been reported in China since July 2008, believed to be associated with the ingestion of infant formula intentionally contaminated with melamine.

Allegedly, nitrogen-rich melamine was added to raw milk to boost the apparent protein content, which is assessed through determination of the nitrogen content by the Kjeldahl or Dumas method.

In this application note, we demonstrate the development of a rapid and sensitive quantitative method, from sample preparation to data analysis, for melamine and cyanuric acid. We illustrate HILIC methods utilizing both HPLC and UPLC. Results are consistent with published results indicated in FDA (interim) methods, and show reduced instrument analysis time for both HPLC and UPLC.

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