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Whether you’re new to separation science or exploring the next advancements in chromatography and mass spectrometry, Waters offers you an ever-expanding portfolio of application-specific, tailored system solutions encompassing UPLC®, HPLC, informatics, services and world-leading mass spectrometers and detectors to push the boundaries of science and help you accomplish your goals – today and in the future.

Supercritical CO2 Based Technologies Supercritical CO2 Based Technologies (SFx) Supercritical CO2 based technologies reduce costs and increase efficiency when applied to diverse sample types with the widest selectivities from polar to non-polar. The SFx Portfolio offers a range of supercritical CO2 based technologies:
ACQUITY 초고성능 폴리머 크로마토그래피 시스템 획기적인 분리 기술과 고성능의 폴리머 분석. 기존 폴리머 분석보다 더 빠르게 다양한 정보를 제공합니다.
UPLC 최고 성능의 분리 기술을 제안합니다.
HPLC 이것은ACQUITYUPLC의 이제까지WatersCorporation의 신비한 실험실 그리고 공장을 떠나는 기술을 위해 한국어안에 시험 원본 이다. Alliance HPLC 시스템은 다목적의 신뢰성 있는 분석 성능을 제공합니다.
LC/MS/MS Waters LC/MS/MS는 두 범주, 즉, 탠덤 사중극자 (Tandem Quadrupole) 및 Q-TOF 제품군으로 구성되며, 각각은 고유의 분석 장점과 응용을 가지고 있습니다.
Purification From HPLC to the newest Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) innovations, Waters purification systems are designed to grow and adapt to your needs.
Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) is an environmentally-friendly approach to analytical and purification applications.
Supercritical Fluid Systems Waters' Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) systems extract chemical compounds using supercritical fluid instead of an organic solvent. The result is an extract with little or no residual solvent, superior purity and yield, and lower operating costs.
분석용 LC 포트폴리오 실험실에 적합한 쿼터너리 LC(quaternary LC)를 확인하십시오.
Chromatography Systems Search for the chromatography system that fits your needs.
LC Purification The Waters suite of HPLC purification solutions offer scalable configurations, from semi-automated modular systems to fully automated MS-directed systems, whether you want the specificity of mass-directed purification or inclusiveness of a UV system.
Nano to Microscale Based UPLC Technologies Nanoflow & microflow based liquid chromatography (UPLC) techniques yield higher sensitivity and chromatographic resolution, for quantification and qualitative analyses, by using smaller ID columns packed with sub-2-micron particles and lower flow rates.
There are 1100 Reasons to Step Up to Waters Agilent 1100 Series LC System support is ending. 1100 reasons to update your system to Waters' ACQUITY UPLC I-Class System.