SAFE-BioPharma Association

Imagine a conference call where everyone speaks a different language.

Pretty confusing, to say the least.

But that's the situation the pharmaceutical industry was facing with the growing number of proprietary digital applications and standards in play.

That's why the SAFE-BioPharma Association was formed. The goal: establish a global, interoperable, digital identity and signature standard that would be recognized by regulatory and legal authorities around the world.

In other words, everybody would be speaking one common language.

Waters Corporation is the first analytical instrument and software vendor to join in support of the SAFE-BioPharma Association, whose goal dovetails perfectly with so many Waters products. For example, Waters SDMS Vision PublisherTM is an analytical electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) that allows analytical chemists to author documents, record observations, control procedures, and find and collaborate on scientific results. The multiple approvals and processes required lend themselves to digital signing. SAFE-certified SDMS Vision Publisher will improve processes in the lab and allow for fully electronic storage, retrieval and signature approval.

Net result: improved process time and improved efficiency.

Shows you what can happen once you get everybody speaking the same language.