Food and Environmental Research Agency (Fera)

Protecting The Empire from unseen invaders.

Protecting the citizenry of the UK from dangerous food contaminants is the job of the scientists at the Food and Environmental Research Agency (Fera). In a single year, they will test tens of thousands of samples, running their equipment hard, 24/7.

With that kind of volume and with so much riding on the accuracy of the results, is it any wonder Fera uses Waters instrumentation? The tandem quadrupole MS systems along with the Waters AutoSpec Premier GC/MS Detector monitor for a myriad of contaminants including pesticides, veterinary drugs, and even packaging chemicals. The equipment provides extremely sensitive analysis at very high speed.

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An important combination when dealing with perishable imports like fish from the Far East. Typically, the fish is held at port while samples are taken to Fera to look for prohibited antibiotics or their residues. Since the cargo is perishable, test results are needed very quickly.

Waters high quality, speedy analysis allows the laboratory to respond rapidly and either reject the fish right there on the dock or approve it for import.

Swift, accurate results like this is what continues to earn the UK a reputation for food safety vigilance.