Food Testing

Water contaminants. Drug residues. Illegal antibiotics. With Waters systems no matter where food comes from, scientists can test to see that contaminants don't come with them.

Where will the next discovery come from?

Richard Fussell Food and Environmental Research Agency (Fera) User Voice: Richard Fussell, Senior Analytical Chemist - Protecting the citizenry of the UK from dangerous food contaminants is the job of the scientists at the Food and Environmental Research Agency (Fera)...
Analytical Laboratories User Voice: David Ji, Ph.D., Laboratory Director, Analytical Laboratories - A major testing lab for FDA-regulated dietary supplements.
Martin Mitchell Certified Laboratories User Voice: Martin Mitchell, Managing Director - Much of what we eat today comes from all over the world. Waters technology is helping companies like Certified Laboratories ensure the foods we import are safe for human consumption...