Tandem Quadrupole Forensic Toxicology Non-Targeted Screening

Proven Tandem Quadrupole Screening Methods for the Routine Forensic Toxicology Laboratory

Waters tandem quadrupole technology has set the standard for nominal mass screening applications in forensic toxicology laboratories. Proven, robust screening methods utilizing both targeted and non-targeted data acquisition will enable you to confidently identify compounds routinely encountered in forensic toxicology laboratories.

Waters UPLC-MS/MS forensic toxicology screening systems provide:

  • MRM and full scan MS methods with automated data processing and library searching
  • Industry-leading separation and retention time stability with the ACQUITY UPLC I-Class System
  • Fast scanning, high sensitivity, ease-of-use, and robustness with the Xevo TQD/Xevo TQ-S micro mass spectrometers
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Webinar: Targeted, Semi-targeted and Non-targeted Screening Approaches Using UPLC/QTof Technology with the UNIFI Scientific Information System for Forensic Toxicology Analysis
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