Health Sciences

From biomarker discovery research, phenomics, and translational research through to clinical diagnostic solutions, at Waters, we strive to improve human health by partnering with the biomedical community to help make breakthrough scientific discoveries and translate them into healthcare solutions.

We provide researchers of complex diseases with unparalleled analytical tools to help make breakthrough discoveries – as well as the tools required to translate these discoveries into improved diagnostics.

Omics Research and Biomarker Discovery See our purposefully designed solutions for top-down or bottom-up analyses; targeted or untargeted studies; structural work to identify and confirm metabolites; or spatial localization of metabolites in biological tissues.
Identification des biomarqueurs et recherche clinique Quoi de plus difficile que de traduire les recherches scientifiques en véritables tests de diagnostic ? La transition de la recherche à la validation des biomarqueurs est facilitée par les solutions développées par Waters en sciences de la santé.
Clinical Diagnostics Waters MassTrak™ immunossuppressants solutions integrating HPLC, mass spectrometry, software and support services, have been enhanced to include a reagent kit for the quantification of whole blood samples as an aid in the management of tacrolimus therapy.
LC-MS/MS In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Waters manufactures and supports an expanding portfolio of medical devices for in vitro diagnostic use that are designed to offer clinical laboratories access to the benefits of LC and MS technologies.
Forensic Toxicology Solutions Waters UPLC-MS systems provides high quality information for the analysis of prohibited substances, monitor illicit drug use, or new psychoactive substances (NPS).