Analytical Laboratories

A major testing lab for FDA-regulated dietary supplements

Up until 10 years ago, a high percentage of dietary supplements in the market could be adulterations. That's a shocking fact. Fortunately, the FDA issued a GMP regulation three years ago that all dietary supplement manufacturers need to comply with much more stringent requirements.

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Analytical Laboratories is who these dietary supplement manufacturers and raw material suppliers turn to when they need testing of their materials and the assurance that the quality of their materials will meet FDA regulations.

And Waters is who Analytical Laboratories turns to when they need the fastest and highest quality data from their analytical instrumentation. When Analytical Laboratories needs to analyze complex, multi-ingredient samples or scan up to 300 pesticides in 1 run, they rely on their Waters ACQUITY UPLC/Xevo MS systems to get it done within 5-10 minutes. Much better and faster than traditional HPLC systems that would have taken 30 minutes or more!

David Ji, the Laboratory Director at Analytical Laboratories, has years of experience in analytical chemistry (including his Masters thesis in stationary phase HPLC) so he knows what he's talking about when it comes to separation science. He strongly believes that the UPLC technology by Waters is the future of separation science. In fact, since 2004 when ACQUITY UPLC was introduced, David Ji has purchased at least 1 UPLC system every year. He depends on his UPLC/MS/MS systems to handle his ever-increasing workload and ultimately ensure that dietary supplements on store shelves are safe for consumption.

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