The ACQUITY QDa Detector: The Chromatographer's Mass Spectrometer

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Date(s): February 28, 2018
Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm
Location: Carmel, IN - WORKSHOP
Language: English

Join us at one of our local offices for a workshop on how the ACQUITY QDa can have a positive impact on your results or our Tips and Tricks seminar where you can learn how to get the most our of your mass detector!

Separating Beyond Question - Bringing the Power of Mass Detection to You

Whether you currently use UPLC technology or are considering it, join us to learn how the ACQUITY QDa Detector can provide information-rich analysis to your lab. This exciting system combines the familiar operation of PDA UV/Vis with the power of mass information for both HPLC and UPLC methods.

Who should attend? Anyone who is facing the challenge(s) of:

  • Supporting the development of new methods, or transferring methods, that require the tracking of components in a sample via UV spectra or time consuming injection of standards.
  • Needing more information to assure that there are no co-eluting components in their separation.

What to expect?

  • An interactive session with short presentations
  • A demonstration of the power of the ACQUITY QDa Detector in method development and method transfer


Click on the dropdown above to choose your date, location, and either the workshop or Tips & Tricks seminar of your choice to register! 

*Please note - All sessions except for the April 24th session will take place from 9am - 12pm.  April 24th will take place from 1pm- 4pm.

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