Empower 3 - A to Z

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Date(s): 05 December 2017
Time: 8:30am - 3:30pm
Location: Bellaire, TX
Language: English

Join us for a one day training workshop for novice Empower 3 users. We will be covering navigation, data acquisition, processing and quantitation, custom reports, custom fields, and calculations.


8:30am  Introduction & Overview 
9:00am  Empower Fundamentals: Navigation and Data Acquisition

In this session you will be shown fundamental Empower functions and settings to enhance your expertise with the system. You will learn:

  • To Navigating in the Project Window to include:
    • The Empower "vocabulary"
    • Use and application of "View As" and "View Filter" functions
    • Setting, Saving and Copying preferences
  • Acquiring data... "What to know before you say GO"
    • Method structure, Sample Sets and Templates
10:30am  Break


Empower Fundamentals: Processing and Quantitation

In this session you will receive an overview of basic processing principles and the role of the Processing Method in Calibration and Quantitation. We will cover:

  • How and where to enter Standard Amounts
  • Processing manually vs. in the background
  • Understanding and managing Results and Calibrations
  • Use of the Processing Method Wizard
  • ApexTrack™ Integration
    • Set the Apex Detection and Baseline Placement parameters
    • Effectively detect and integrate shoulder peaks
    • Gaussian skim unresolved peaks
12:00pm  Lunch (provided by Waters)


Empower 3 Software Custom Reports

In this session you will become familiar with the flexibility built into Empower® software to modify existing reports and create customized reports. You will learn:

  • The role of the Report Method
  • To quickly find information for a report
  • Modify, sort and filter information for a report
  • Create Summary reports using composite groups
2:00pm  Break


Empower 3 Software Custom Calculations and Custom fields

  • Sample Field
  • Result Field
    • Peak field
    • Boolean
    • Enumerated
    • Summary field
3:30pm  Workshop Close

For additional information or questions please contact Gregory_Patten@waters.com.