Single Quadrupole Mass Detection

Single quad technology is a well respected, robust and reliable mass detection technique for many different functional areas of LC-MS across many different industries. 

Designed for compatibility with UPLC, UPSFC, HPLC, and AutoPurification, and with a wide range of ionization options, single quadrupole mass detection is an easy way to generate an extra dimension of information from your separation.

Detector ACQUITY QDa El detector ACQUITY QDa es un detector de masas construido para satisfacer las necesidades de los investigadores analíticos para análisis cromatográfico.
SQ Detector 2 Cuenta con la tecnología Universal Source y una amplia gama de masas, lo cual le proporciona los resultados que necesita de la gama más amplia de analitos. Compatible con HPLC, UPLC, UPC2, Autopurification y SFC.

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