Pesticide residues. Hormone residues. Drug residues. Scientists use Waters systems to see these contaminants in their samples, so the only thing the rest of the world sees is clean water.

Where will the next discovery come from?

Dr. Didier Ortelli Service De Protection De La Consommation, Genève, Switzerland User Voice: Didier Ortelli, PhD, Service de Protection de la Consommation, Genève, Switzerland - Using mass spectrometry, the test results proved that the "impossible" can be detected.
David Reckhow UMass Amherst User Voice: David Reckhow, PhD, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering - The engineers of tomorrow collect and analyze sensitive data using the latest in high performance technology and equipment...
Juan-Vincente Sancho University Jaume I, Castellon, Spain User Voice: Juan-Vincente Sancho, PhD, Full Professor, Analytical Chemistry Dept - At the University Jaume I, you’ll find the Research Institute of Pesticides and Water. Scientists here focus on identifying contaminants in the environment and in food.

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