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Problem peppers put UK in a pickle. Waters helps prevent a repeat.

The United Kingdom had a pepper problem of prodigious proportions. A 40,000-pound shipment of chili peppers was brought in from a foreign country, converted into food products, and then distributed far and wide. That’s when the government discovered that the peppers contained Sudan Red, a dye that’s ok in furniture wax and floor polish, but hardly in food. The resulting food recall was one of the largest in history.

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The challenge of making sure unsafe chemicals, like Sudan Red, never took another ride on a pack of peppers again fell to Certified Laboratories, a leader in food safety. They relied on Waters equipment. The low levels of detection required as well as the wide variety of products undergoing tests could not have been accomplished without the Waters ACQUITY UPLC®/MS/MS System. Aided by the American Spice Trade Council, Certified Laboratories has been able to utilize Waters technology and analytical science to detect Sudan Red in chili peppers prior to entering the country.

Much of what we eat today comes from all over the world. Waters technology is helping companies like Certified Laboratories ensure the foods we import are safe for human consumption.

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