Getting new work is a challenge. Doing it shouldn’t be.

Some experts predict an increase in the amount of projects pharmaceutical companies send out of house for in vitro drug metabolism research. To a CRO like XenoTech, based in Kansas, USA, serving clients with experience and expertise in evaluating drug candidates as substrates, inhibitors and inducers of cytochrome P450 enzymes, that could mean a lot more business. The question is: How will they handle all that new work?

The answer is: Waters.

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Originally XenoTech was looking to increase capacity so they could pursue their R&D and better meet client needs.

In came ACQUITY UPLC, SYNAPT HDMS and MetaboLynx. Turns out that increase in capacity came just at the right time. The speed of the ACQUITY UPLC helps XenoTech achieve much higher throughput, leading to shorter run times.

With SYNAPT HDMS, analysts have the flexibility to change methods and approaches quickly plus the advantage of being able to gather more information from a single sample injection.

By combining ACQUITY UPLC and SYNAPT, XenoTech is able to do a lot of different types of work with just the one system in a limited lab space.

Add in MetaboLynx software and together they provide excellent MS mass accuracy and enhanced MSE data acquisition plus automated data processing.

All that with unmatched sensitivity and resolution, too. So when good fortune starts sending more business XenoTech’s way, they’ll be ready.

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